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Pharmacy to Dose: BP Control in Neurologic Emergencies

     I had the distinct honor of being invited on to the one and only Pharmacy to Dose podcast last week talking about a topic which is so important to our day to day life in the NeuroICU – acute blood pressure control. Take a listen to the episode whenever you get a chance – we split it up into two parts, the first on the pathophysiology of blood pressure control in neurologic emergencies, and the second on the specific agents we use in this setting, how to dose them, and how to choose between them. It was a blast talking with Nick and I figured I would provide a snapshot of some of the things we talked about on the podcast. Nick nicely outlines the papers I mention in the podcast here , and I’ll give some additional thoughts below. So why do we care about this? Why is it that nearly every patient admitted to the NeuroICU, at least those with a vascular problem, get some strict SBP goal on admission rather than the universal MAP > 65 we usually see in the MICUs and SICUs? Th